Plant Hire & Care for Businesses

Transform your interior for a few dollars each week per plant. When you hire plants, we supply the greenery, containers and care so you can sit back and enjoy the view.


How Plant Hire works

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Step 1 - Let's catch up

Great design always starts with empathy and an understanding of how your business operates. We learn what your needs are and present a plant hire solution that works. You can brief us with a project or listen to our thoughts on making your space teem with life. We can start this no-obligation discussion over the phone, email or in person so let's talk plants.

Step 2. - Free Measure, Proposal & Quote

Honest expertise is the core of Live Décor. We will never crowd your space, put plants in areas they won't thrive or let you over-commit. To do this we need to measure your space's physical dimensions as well as the amount and angle of light sources in your building to find the 'Goldilocks' zones for indoor hire plants - where it's not too dark and not too bright, just right. We'll get back to you with proposal and quote according to what suits your needs then await your feedback.

Step 3. - Delivery & Installation

Once you're ready, our Project Manager and the Live Décor team will arrange our hire plants, containers, fittings, dressings, contractors if required and everything else. We'll do all transportation and heavy lifting for you. Once it's installed, our ongoing Plant Care service will begin, making sure the plants settle in and flourish.

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About Plant Care

We look after your hired plants - for free

Live Décor's Plant Carers do all of the dirty work - and the cleaning for each of the plants you hire. In nearly all instances, we encourage your team to do absolutely nothing for the maintenance of the plants on hire so we have a better track of the care history given to each plant because there is such a thing as too much love. Having our experts care for your hire plant installations removes all the time consuming maintenance that comes with plant ownership such as repotting and dealing to pests. The best part? Your space looks great and your team has more time to keep their eye on the prize - your own customers. 

The same person will visit your space during business hours 2-3 times each month, adjusting our service for the seasonal requirements of each hire plant. Plant Carers are all fully trained on the care requirements of each of the species we hire to you and quickly learn the individual quirks of each and every individual plant we service. 

Our routine Plant Care service includes:

- Pruning
- Watering
- Fertilising
- Friendly banter & smiles
- Leaf dusting & polishing
- Plant pest monitoring & control
- Removing & replacing sick plants
- Cleaning containers & top-dressing of pots
- Rotating & repositioning plants for even growth
- Checking irrigation, green walls or other permanently fixed plant systems.

Whether you're hiring one or a thousand plants, all of this expert service comes complimentary for plants hired from Live Décor.

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Our Aesthetic Principles

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Biophilic Design

Live Décor's core design approach starts with empathy with our clients needs but centres around the concept of Biophilic Design. It's about satisfying the innate evolutionary human need within us all to connect with the natural world - because that world brings us all the sustenance we need. Plants, air, light, water, animals, fire, weather and idyllic landscapes... Surrounding ourselves safely with these elements puts people in a better state of mind. It's why feel relaxed at the beach with a bonfire. It's why we travel to warm places. Why we ski or surf or hike and the reason why we like windows with a view.

Responding to nature and incorporating natural elements is an integral part of modern architectural design and whether you're in a new or old building, we help realise that ideal by following through with the greenery. Our Plant Hire incorporates Biophilic Design for the betterment of workplaces, retail, hospitality environments and events.

Getting the most out of your clientele or team might be as simple as providing a space they enjoy dwelling in.